Diwali hampers get creative: Paid leaves by India Inc, plantable firecrackers and more
The Diwali hamper: There's nothing you cannot turn around into a Diwali gift be it skincare soothing spa products to electronic products like a bluetooh headphone. Pic: iStock

Diwali hampers get creative: Paid leaves by India Inc, plantable firecrackers and more

There's nothing too big or small for the Diwali hamper. Even as corporates get innovative with their Diwali gifts for their employees, we give you some ideas for the perfect Diwali hamper

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India Inc has veered off the beaten track and has been innovative this year with their Diwali hamper.

Companies are not just packing designer chocolates in jazzy tins or boxes filled with tasty Jim Jam Barfi and the quintessential dry fruits to gift their employees for Diwali. This year, corporates have become more innovative and struck upon the idea of offering paid leaves to their employees as a Diwali gift. Top firms and start-ups are giving a week off in addition to the regular annual leave for their employees.

It can either be an extended Diwali break or a break in the last week of December till January 1 as the year dials down.

Even as the debate on the 70-hour week refuses to die down, firms are recognising the importance of employee well-being and giving them time to unwind and recharge as a Diwali gift.

According to a report in a business daily, Deloitte India has been offering a downtime to all employees to let them recharge physically and mentally, in the last week of every year, i.e., from Christmas to New Year's Day. There are also 'Pens-down-breaks' for three to four days offered by some companies, which are usually given along with a weekend or a national holiday. This Diwali, companies are revisiting work-from-home options as well to help employees save time and improve productivity, as major metros become increasingly congested during the busy festive season.

Besides paid leaves, gift vouchers and gifting home appliances seem to be in vogue this year. However, no employer can beat a Haryana-based pharma company, which gifted some of its star employees with cars to reward them for their hard work. The pharma company, Mits Healthcare, presented Tata Punch cars to its star performers, which are being seen as Diwali gifts.

A PTI report said a tea estate owner in Tamil Nadu gifted Royal Enfield motorcycles to 15 of his employees as part of the Diwali bonus.

The Diwali hamper

Over the years, the Diwali hamper has gotten bigger, imaginative and experimental. There's nothing you cannot turn around into a Diwali gift be it skincare soothing spa products to electronic products like a bluetooth headphone.

There are also sustainable options like indoor plants to gift like the adaptable and low-maintenance Spider plant; or the Jade plant, known for its Feng Shui link to prosperity and good luck; the succulent Crassula Ovata or the nerve plant, Fittonia.

Plantable firecrackers

Do you know that there are plantable firecrackers that can go into a hamper? Plantable crackers don't emit sounds or harmful smoke. Instead, they bloom into flowers and sprout into fruits and vegetables. These crackers contain seeds, soil, and natural fertilisers, turning the act of bursting crackers into a green initiative.

Spa hamper

The spa hamper is a long-time favourite. It comes with organic bath salts to detoxify the body, essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus and scented candles to set a serene ambience, and some herbal teas. Some hampers may also include face masks, body scrubs, and massage oils, all aimed at pampering and revitalising a person.

Fitness hamper

In step with people’s ever increasing consciousness for all things healthy, the fitness hamper is a perfect gift. It comes with resistance bands for strength training, protein bars for post-workout recovery, health drinks like green tea or protein shakes. It also has a fitness journal to keep track of one's progress.

Home decor hamper

The home décor hamper can contain candle holders, mugs, elegant cushion covers, decorative vases, wall hangings, and scented candles.

Pooja hamper

The Pooja hamper has gotten more prettier with intricately designed 'diyas', premium quality incense sticks, 'kumkum', 'haldi', and a silver or brass 'aarti' plate. Some hampers might also come with an idol of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi. It also includes almonds, walnuts, cashews and dried fruits such as dates, apricots, and raisin

You can also drop in a handwritten note or a custom-made Diwali card to add a personal touch.

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