Nana Patekars viral clip: He didnt slap anyone, video part of my film, says Anil Sharma
Nana Patekar with the cast of the film 'Journey' | Photo: X (Twitter)

Nana Patekar's viral clip: He didn't slap anyone, video part of my film, says Anil Sharma

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Mumbai, Nov 15 (PTI) Nana Patekar on Wednesday trended on the internet after a video showed the veteran actor smacking a selfie-seeking fan but filmmaker Anil Sharma said it was all part of a scene from his upcoming film "Journey".

The video circulating on social media is from Varanasi where the 72-year-old actor is shooting for "Journey" with Sharma and his actor-son Utkarsh Sharma.

In the 10-second clip, Patekar is seen dressed in a suit and wearing a hat, getting ready to shoot a scene when the fan comes close to him and tries to click a selfie.

The "Vaccine War" actor, who was visibly angry, smacked the fan on the back of his head. A man stationed close to Patekar then grabs the young man by his neck and takes him away.

Patekar was criticised on social media after the video became viral.

However, Sharma said somebody shared a portion of a scene from "Journey" without context.

"He (Patekar) has not slapped anyone, it is a shot from our film. People have a problem of making fuss out of nothing... We are currently filming in Benaras for the film, 'Journey'," Anil Sharma told PTI.

"Patekar's character has dementia in the film. His mind is disturbed and a guy comes to click picture with him. There are so many people around us, who are here to watch the shoot. I think someone clicked this particular portion, which is actually one of the scenes from the film," he added. PTI

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