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Musician AR Rahman has nothing to do with the "inconveniences" caused to people at his September 10 Chennai concert, said the organisers ACTC Events. File photo

Concert row: Organisers apologise, say 'don't target Rahman for problems at show'

ACTC Events, which managed Rahman's Chennai concert on September 10 that ran into big trouble, has now taken full responsibility for the problems people faced and has promised to refund tickets

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ACTC Events that had managed AR Rahman's concert on September 10 in Chennai has now offered an unconditional apology on Wednesday (September 13) for the harassment people had suffered at the event.

Also, the event management company's founder and CEO Hemanth Raja made it clear that musician AR Rahman had nothing to do with the "inconveniences" caused to the people.

In a video that Raja posted on Instagram, he urged people not to target Rahman on social media. This apology and acceptance for the fiasco at the concert comes after Rahman was trolled badly on social media for all the unpleasant experiences people had at the event.

Social media users has called the music maestro a 'scammer' and criticised him heavily for not taking responsibility for the problems people encountered at the show.

ACTC Events takes responsibility, will refund ticket costs

ACTC Events takes responsibility for the various problems faced by people on Sunday, Raja has now said, and promised to refund the ticket cost for those who missed the show.

"There were many inconveniences (such as) those unable to enter despite having tickets, (we) apologise for such inconvenience. We did all the arrangements to enthral people who wanted to listen to Rahman. Sorry for (the problems). ACTC takes responsibility,” he added.

Rahman's role was confined to delivering a grand show and he did that. Those seated in the venue enjoyed the show, Hemanth added.

"There have been some social media posts targeting Rahman. He has got nothing to do with the inconveniences, so please don't attack him," he said, adding that they "assume full responsibility for the inconveniences caused, for the overcrowding, ticket duplications".

"Those who had paid for the tickets and could not attend, the money will be refunded. We will validate and verify and certainly refund the amount very soon," said Raja.

Rahman's September 10 'Marakkuma Nenjam' concert in Chennai was marred by mismanagement resulting in traffic snarls, denial of entry to many ticket holders and alleged sexual harassment of women.

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