WhatsApp to soon launch login approval to prevent hacking

WhatsApp to soon launch 'login approval' to prevent hacking

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Messaging app WhatsApp may soon provide users with a host of new features including a new security feature that enables users to protect their accounts from potential scammers and another feature that allows users to view a WhatsApp group’s past participants.

Login approval

Under the login approval feature, WhatsApp users will receive in-app alerts when someone tries to log into their accounts. The alert will display information such as the time of request and the model from which the request is being made. The user can then accept or deny the request depending on its source, according to a WABetaInfo report.

The feature is currently under development, and builds on WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature.

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It will first be released for WhatsApp beta version After an initial stage of testing and approval by the app’s beta users, it will be made available to all WhatsApp users.

If launched, the feature may help mitigate the risk of a user’s account and information being stolen.

See past participants

WhatsApp is also currently testing a feature in its beta version which if launched, will enable group admins and members to see who left a group or was removed from it within the last 60 days, according to the report.

The new option called “See Past Participants” will be available under the list of current participants on the “Group Information” page. There will also be a list of banned users.

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According to the report, the present system for notifying the chat when a participant leaves or gets removed will be abandoned by the messaging app. Only admins will be notified of such incidents through in-chat notifications.

WhatsApp has recently launched a feature that enables users to delete messages that are over two days old. The feature previously released for WhatsApp’s beta users for testing and approval is now available to all WhatsApp users.

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