Truck loaded with 40 electric scooters of Jitendra EV catches fire in Nashik

The mishap marks the sixth incident of fire in electric scooters in recent weeks

Jitendra Electric Vehicles is looking into the fire. (Representational image) iStock


Forty electric scooters of Jitendra Electric Vehicles (EV) caught fire after being loaded in a transport container in Nashik, media reports said on Monday, April 11. The incident took place close to the company’s factory. 

The scooters were being transported to Bengaluru, said the reports, adding that no one had been reported injured. Jitendra EV is said to be conducting a probe to determine what caused the fire.

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“An unfortunate incident took place on 9th April near our factory gate in a scooter,” media reports quoted a company spokesperson as saying. “The situation was immediately brought under control by timely intervention from our team. Safety being of prime importance, we are investigating the root cause and we will soon come out with findings.”

Last week, it may be recalled, the Centre decided to seek explanations from Ola Electric and Okinawa Scooters for the fires in their electric two-wheelers.