Amazon launches new Kindle Scribe, Echo Dot 5th Gen, a sleep tracker Halo Rise

Amazon announced a line-up of its new products, which includes a Kindle with an inbuilt stylus allowing the user to take notes while reading; another product that drew attention was the Halo Rise, a sleep tracker

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The new Kindle Scribe has an inbuilt stylus and the user can take notes and write on it while reading. It will cost ₹27,849 along with the pen. Pic: iStock

Amazon announced a new exciting line-up of products from its Kindle, Alexa and Ring divisions at its product launch, a virtual-invite only press event on Wednesday (September 28) night.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the company’s new products:


  • Kindle Scribe: The new variant of Kindle is the star item as it includes a stylus for the first time to take notes and for doodling. It can last weeks without a charge. The new Kindle Scribe is available for pre-orders starting today. It will cost ₹27,849 along with the pen.

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Echo smart speakers

  • Fifth-generation Echo Dot: The new speakers have a better bass and sound. They will be available for sale at a cost of ₹4,095 starting October.
  • Echo Studio: This cool speaker will be available at ₹16,382. The new variant is also available in “Glacier White” colour, and has a better sound quality. The older variants will receive a software update to improve their sound quality.
  • Second-generation Echo Auto: The device has been updated to provide roadside assistance features.
  • Halo Rise: It is a sleep tracker which can work while sitting at your nightstand. It has built-in environmental sensing with a smart alarm and wake-up light as well as machine learning and sensor tech to accurately detect sleep patterns.

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Ring home security

  • Ring Spotlight cameras: The new cameras can map motion in one’s yard. They can be wired, battery-powered or solar-powered, with a starting price of ₹16,382.
  • Blink Floodlight camera: The new cameras are available at a price of ₹8,191 for a wired floodlight and ₹2,457 for a pan-and tilt mount for the Blink Mini. Pre-orders for the product begin on September 28.

Fire TV Cube

  • After a long wait, Amazon has finally updated the Fire TV Cube. The third-generation model is 20 per cent faster than the last-generation model. The Cube is essentially a cross between a Fire TV and an Echo speaker. It costs around ₹11,447 and can be pre-ordered today.