Women need better, greater representation in films: Sowmya Rajendran

Sowmya Rajendran
Film critic and writer Sowmya Rajendran

In recent years, South Indian cinema has seen a gradual shift that focuses on women as well as a nuance in how women are portrayed, particularly when compared to male characters. Thus, should we be happy that these changes are reshaping society’s perceptions of women and conveying a positive message?

In the media and entertainment industry, there is still a noticeable gender imbalance. Female presence in Indian films and web series is pretty low, according to the O Womaniya! 2022 survey, which was sponsored by Prime Video and spearheaded by the consulting firm Ormax Media and Film Companion.

According to the survey, there are only 10% of women in high positions in entertainment business leadership and behind the camera. Men speak more than women by a 3:1 ratio in promotional materials like trailers, while women account for a much less percentage of conversation time.

Contrary to popular belief, women are rarely the sidekick, the heartbroken heroine, or the damsel in distress. They give life in the real world. They bear children. They build careers. They are so much more than that.


Indian cinema is yet to reflect society and further social change.

Film critic and writer Sowmya Rajendran discusses the need for sensitive representation of women in cinema and calls for fair representation in the South Indian film industry.