Ghosh shoots himself in the foot with ‘wear Bermudas to display legs’ remark to Mamata

At an election rally, West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh "crossed all limits" when he asked Mamata Banerjee to wear 'Bermudas' and not a saree to show off her legs. TMC leaders called him a pervert

The Trinamool Congress' winning margin in the 27 seats was 5% and above.

West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh has shot himself in the foot when he sarcastically asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to wear Bermudas to show off her legs, while taking a swipe at her “display” of her plastered injured leg during campaigning.

However, this off-colour remark about an injured Chief Minister, which he had made during an election rally in Purulia on Tuesday, has badly back-fired on the senior politician, said NDTV.

At a rally in Purulia on Tuesday, the state BJP chief had said that West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was “displaying her leg” to everyone. According to him, he had never seen anyone drape a saree like Banerjee. This was bad enough but Ghosh went on to add that though she’s wearing a saree one of her legs was exposed.

“If you want to display your legs, why a saree, wear a pair of Bermudas so everyone can have a good look,” suggested Ghosh.


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Members of the ruling Trinamool Congress, especially the women leaders vehemently turned on him, with the outspoken, fiery party MP Mohua Moitra castigating the BJP West Bengal President in a tweet for asking Mamatadi to wear Bermuda shorts to display her legs better.

Calling the BJP leaders “perverted, depraved monkeys”, she asked whether they think they were going to win Bengal with such remarks?

Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Chairperson of Banga Janani Bahini, the women’s wing of All India Trinamool Congress also tweeted that Dilip Ghosh’s job has been reduced to “venom-spitting”.

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She accused him of making scathing attacks on the CM and getting violent with AITC workers concluding that he has crossed all limits. “Shocking words, once again!” she said on twitter. Earlier in November 2020, Ghosh had made a controversial statement warning TMC workers that if they do not mend their ways their hands, ribs and legs will be broken and they will be sent to a crematorium.

Ever since Banerjee, has been moving around campaigning with her injured leg after an accident in Nandigram, the BJP has been trying to underplay her injury and make light of it. The BJP claimed that she was faking an injury to whip up public sympathy and has frequently scoffed at her about it. However, the BJP has truly put their foot in the mouth with this latest jibe.