Webinar: Will EV-linked battery fires scare away buyers?

As the country prepares to welcome an electric alternative to petrol and diesel to power vehicles, a series of fires involving faulty batteries and related issues is causing concern among potential buyers.

The government is doling out innumerable sops for Electrical Vehicle manufacturing. The industry is in the process of building a viable ecosystem to support the alternative technology.

But the initial enthusiasm may well die down if EV-related user issues like the unexpected fires foster doubts in the minds of buyers.

Join The Federal as K Giriprakash, a senior journalist, Samrat Sengupta, VP, EKI Energy Services, Shreshth Mishra, Co-Founder, Simple Energy, and Dhivik Ashok, CEO, Go GreenEOT, discuss the issue on a webinar hosted by Prem Shanker V, Senior Editor, The Federal.