Webinar: GST may survive, but idea of  One nation, one tax may not

Webinar: GST may survive, but idea of 'One nation, one tax' may not

Five years after Parliament passed the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Supreme Court has ruled that decisions of the GST Council are recommendatory, and not binding on the Centre or the states. While the Centre believes that the decision does not in any way alter the ground situation, the non-BJP ruled states have welcomed it, saying it was a triumph of cooperative federalism.

The ruling certainly brings more clarity to the GST regime, but it might have hurt the Centre’s ‘One Nation, One Tax’ slogan.

Catch our webinar where Haseeb A Drabu, former finance minister of J&K, Prof Venkatesh Athreya, Development Economist, Salem Dharanidharan, Executive Coordinator, Dravidian Professionals Forum, and V Sridhar, Senior Journalist, thrash out the issue in a discussion hosted by S Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief, The Federal.

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