Federal Webinar: Is India capable of making semiconductor chips?

In chip design, India has an edge because it's home to nearly 20% of the world’s semiconductor design engineers, but chip manufacturing is a different order altogether; can India make it big here?

The case for India’s $10 billion programme to manufacture electronic chips is evident — the country imports all the semiconductors it requires and that import bill is set to grow rapidly. The Indian semiconductor market will reach an estimated $63 billion by 2026 from $15 billion in 2020.

In chip design, India has an edge because it’s home to nearly 20 per cent of the world’s semiconductor design engineers. But chip manufacturing is of a different order altogether, requiring vast amounts of capital, infrastructure and precision. Previous attempts to set up semiconductor fabs didn’t yield much multinational giants like Intel have in the past receded the country’s infrastructure but opted out.

Now, three companies have sent in proposals for semiconductor fabs, under the new scheme. Can India overcome its various handicaps and succeed in making semiconductor chips? The Federal webinar talks about this in detail.

The Federal’s Managing Editor KS Dakshina Murthy will be joined by senior journalist K Giriprakash, President and CEO of IESA Krishna Moorthy, CEO of Chiptest Semiconductors Shankara Subramanian, and industry expert Gaurav Goel.