Why the plan to revamp Delhi’s Central Vista has raised eyebrows

For 36-year-old Varanasi-based tour guide Abhishek Mishra, Delhi’s Central vista — the three kilometre power corridor stretch in central New Delhi, from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan — is his bread and butter.

Mishra, who frequents to Delhi with his foreign clients, says that many of them prefer to visit the Central vista owing to its rich legacy and learn about how Indians reclaimed the space from the British when the country attained independence.

“For some of our clients, Delhi’s Central Vista is beyond a photo opportunity. They visit the place to learn the rich legacy left by the British and understand the Lutyen’s architecture,” he says.

Besides being one of the most visited tourist sites in Delhi, the Central Vista is used for Republic Day parades and other government functions that showcase the country’s capital to the world.


But Mishra......