Why Kumbh in times of corona is reasonable for some, baffling for others

Kumbh mela,
Whichever side of the debate you may be on, you are situated in one world in which faith and reason both exist, and one which the (un)faithful and the (un)reasonable must both share | Image - Immayabharathi K

With thousands of people still congregating for religious festivals and political rallies in the middle of a raging pandemic, the question one feels compelled to ask is: Are the faithful stupid?

The one-word answer is “No”.

It may be a tempting conclusion to draw that all those who have congregated at the bathing ghats of Haridwar or the pre-election rallies in West Bengal have lost their minds. That anyone practicing a ritual or showing up in support of a leader is ignorant, if not dumb or plain evil.

But investiture of faith—whether in a God or a leader, in a system or a philosophy—is a complex matter with several layers of meaning. It often makes a person eschew rationale and act in completely contrary ways.

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