What a new way to potentially stop profuse bleeding quickly means

A graphic representation of the working of the engineered material.

The sight of a fresh wound or cut with blood spurting out uncontrollably could be quite disturbing. But what could be more traumatic or debilitating or sometimes even fatal is when that bleeding doesn’t stop.

Our body repairs minor cuts and wounds by forming a clot at the wound site. However, when there is profuse bleeding in traumatic injuries like accidents, war wounds or surgeries, the repair action takes a long time. In the meantime, excessive blood loss may soon turn fatal.

In such medical emergencies, external blood clotting agents called hemostats are handy in arresting the bleeding quickly. It is a continuous goal of medicine to find highly efficient and biocompatible hemostats.

A team of researchers led by Dr Rituparna Sinha Roy from the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) collaborated with Professor Samit Kumar Nandi's team at the West Bengal University of Fishery and Animal Sciences, both from Kolkata, to engineer a gel-like hemostat that shows promise to stop bleeding, and quickly form a clot.

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