There’s no stopping these women mountaineers scaling the Everest

Women are better suited for mountaineering physiologically due to their greater natural endurance | Image - Eunice Dhivya

For Sikkim’s 36-year-old Manita Pradhan, climbing Mount Everest has always been a dream—but incredibly difficult. Caught by gale-force winds and heavy snow caused by cyclones, Yaas and Tautkae, her trip from the base camp was thwarted twice.

“In my first attempt, I returned from Camp 3. The second time, I turned back from Yellow Band,” Manita recalls. Yellow band—a steep, pale yellow-brown limestone rock—is the first rock a climber touches enroute the Everest.

Finally, after climbing nine straight hours from Camp 4—the final camp on the Nepal side—she reached the summit on June 1 at 5 am.

Once she reached the top of the 8850-metre peak, she was flooded with mixed emotions of joy, relief......