The scramble for COVID-19 vaccine and the challenges ahead

Coronavirus, COVID-19 vaccine
The arrival of a viable vaccine would help us leash the bulldog and turn the coronavirus into a meek lamb | Image - Prathap Ravishankar

Citadels are falling; nations after nations are capitulating; and every day as the death toll soars, fear, panic and despair grip the world. There is no end in sight. With a sigh of resignation, we huddle into our homes wondering when the days of lockdown will be over.

As the onward march of the novel coronavirus appears unstoppable, one word is on everyone’s minds — vaccine. Surely, if and when the vaccine is discovered, it is not going to be dramatic. Like the climax of Hollywood blockbuster, Contagion, the happy ending will not arrive with everyone standing in a queue to get a shot of vaccine and be saved.

However, the arrival of a viable vaccine would help us leash the bulldog and turn it into a meek lamb. Perhaps like smallpox and polio, we can sweep the dreadful novel coronavirus into the dustbin of human history.

Immunity system

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