Making the most during COVID-19 crisis

Heralding a new way of working, certain businesses are enabled by remote communication via internet and little people contact, ensuring physical distancing norms. | Image - Immayabharathi K

For Prarthna N (name changed), working in an urban conglomerate in Bengaluru, managing her toddler and her 11-year-old son was getting difficult by the day during the lockdown.

Normally, her elder son Rishab would have been in school, or during summer vacations, at a coaching centre for music or sports, or at a relative or a holiday destination along with the family.

But with restrictions on movement, she was left with little options within the four walls of her house. But soon she found a way to engage Rishab in academics — at Byju’s, an e-learning platform, where she had subscribed for science and maths lessons for her son who was going to 5th grade in a CBSE school.

The lessons were fun and easy, Prarthna says, and quickly got Rishab......