Finally, superstar Rajinikanth isn’t acting anymore…about politics 

Superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday announced that he will not be making his much-anticipated political debut. Image: Eunice Dhivya

One may not know Rajinikanth personally, but if he were to be judged by his actions there is one sterling quality about him that seems to stand out -- he is an honest man. He also seems courageous and straightforward. These epithets for a person who is running away from a battlefield may seem odious, but he is sensible enough to realise that discretion is a better part of valour.

He is honest because he, in all likelihood, realised that he is not cut out for the task he is being pitched into. He is courageous because instead of getting carried away by a false sense of perception built around him, he could come clean and state his position bluntly. It requires a lot of conviction to speak truth and listen to one’s ‘inner voice’ when there is so much cacophony surrounding them, especially a superstar.

Rajinikanth is undoubtedly a superstar. He is blessed with millions of followers. Even though the magic of his cinema is on the wane, he continues to mesmerise his fans. People still look forward to his movies. His fans love him for his impossible stunts and ‘punch dialogues’. But it would be foolish to think that he could seamlessly carry these traits straight into the world of real politics.

Reel and real

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