As Erode turns 150, a walk through the city’s rich heritage

Apart from its violent history of wars, there is a lot to discover about Erode, literally etched in stone

Ancient Tamil Nadu was made of five different 'nadus' (countries) — Chera Nadu, Chola Nadu, Pandiya Nadu, Thondai Nadu and Kongu Nadu. Erode, which came under Kongu Nadu then, is now a part of the Kongu region.

Archaeological evidence shows Erode existed even in the Sangam age between 800 BC and 250 AD.

As any country back then, Erode too came under attack and was the favourite of a number of dynasties such as Erattar Kangar (250 AD-870 AD), Cheras (10th, 12th and 13th century AD), Kongu Cholas (942 AD-1304 AD), Kongu Pandiyas (1265 AD-1320 AD), Hoysalas (1291 AD-1342 AD), Madurai Sultan (1329 AD-1365 AD), Vijayanagaras (1364 AD-1642 AD), Ummattur chieftains (1489 AD-1527 AD), Madurai Nayaks (1629 AD-1708 AD), Mysuru Udayar (1647 AD-1766 AD), Hyder Ali-Tipu Sultan (1761 AD-1799 AD), East India Company (1799 AD-1858 AD) and the British (1858-1947).

Interestingly, from the 3rd century AD to 1804, almost all of the dynasties ruled the region from the capital Dharapuram, which has now been reduced to a town.

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