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The water crisis in Chennai is getting worse. File Photo/PTI

Water crisis gets worse in Chennai

A day after the four main reservoirs that supply water to Chennai dried up, people have begun to feel its profound effect.
Owners of water tankers are giving residents a hard time, with the waiting period for water supply going up to 21 days now. Several private tankers have stopped supplying water entirely, quoting lack of water sources.
Water supply has already been limited in places without pipe connections, and neighbours have been fighting over whatever amount of water is available.
Radisson Blu GRT Hotel, Chennai has issued an advisory for guests to “use water judicially” as the city is “going through a major water crisis”.
In the letter to the guests, the hotel has asked guests to use water judicially. “We have taken all measures to ensure that you stay with all comforts but request you to use water judicially,” the letter read.
Similarly, most of the schools have informed the parents of the students about reducing the duration of school to four hours, suggesting the time of functioning to be 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. due to scarcity of water. A few schools have already announced a holiday for the students from LKG to Class V.
Several metro rail stations in Chennai have closed the restrooms and posted a notice in front of it saying that the toilet is closed due to non-availability of water.
Adding to that, many restaurants, hotels, and IT companies have shut down either due to lack of water, or to conserve water. IT companies have asked their employees to work from home, but that too is challenging since residents don’t have water either.
Many have predicted that the only way to receive sufficient water for future usage would be to wait for the monsoon in October.
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