TN woman calls off wedding & marries her cousin, after groom slaps her
Currently, the minimum age of marriage for women is 18 years, while it is 21 years for men. Representational image: iStock

TN woman calls off wedding & marries her cousin, after groom slaps her

A beauty salon owner from Panruti in Cuddalore, who was slapped by her fiancée a day before their wedding because he disapproved of her behaviour, left him and married her own cousin the next day. Not before she slapped him back however.

The daughter of a well-known businessman, who was running a beauty parlour of her own, was engaged to be married to an engineer. Her marriage was to take place on January 20. However, on January 19, her fiancée objected to the way the bride was dancing at the wedding reception function (which is held a day before the wedding in some communities) with her relatives. They got into a heated argument in the middle of which the groom hit her. The tearful bride-to-be slapped him back.

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She called off the wedding and her parents reportedly supported her decision. The family then held a discussion with their kith and kin and it was agreed that her cousin from Villipuram, who had arrived to attend the wedding would marry her. The girl agreed to the proposal and married her cousin on the scheduled date and at the same time but at a different venue – the Panruti Thiruvathigai temple on January 20.

The groom lodged a complaint with the Panruti all-women police station seeking compensation of Rs 7 lakh, which was spent on the wedding arrangements. The girl’s side have also registered a complaint stating that he had verbally and physically abused her.

Last year, a woman called off her wedding in Madhya Pradesh when the groom arrived at the wedding totally drunk.

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