TNs power consumption declines in November by 1,669 million units

TN's power consumption declines in November by 1,669 million units

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Tamil Nadu’s power consumption in November has declined by 1,669 million units compared to October this year. In October, Tamil Nadu’s power consumption was 8,870 million units, but in November the total consumption was 7,201 million units.

Compared to November 2020, the consumption in November this year is less by 690 million units. TANGEDCO sources said that it is only due to heavy rainfall that the demand and power consumption declined in November.

“Rainfall continued continuously for more than 20 days in some places like Chennai, due to which the power demand and consumption declined. Unlike 2015, when it also rained very heavily, this year in November, the rainfall did not stop for several days,” said a senior TANGEDCO official.

While in 2015, Chennai and nearby districts received heavy rainfall, this year, almost all districts in the state received record rainfall.

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“Even though the government allowed offices, establishments, schools and colleges to work normally, many districts closed all these due to heavy rainfall and water logging,” said the official.

“We had cut power in many areas which faced water logging. This happened in Chennai city as well as suburban areas and the power consumption declining may be also due to this reason,” said the official.

Due to this, TANGEDCO’s finances have been hit badly as the power sales have declined and therefore the bill collection has also declined.

“The total power sale collection will be known only after the end of December. We expect the collection to be less and also, in December, the consumption may not be high,” said the official.

As the demand and consumption were less, a few TANGEDCO’s thermal units were on standby, as power from Central thermal and nuclear units, along with thermal units of the TANGEDCO met the demand.

“We were able to save on the generation cost as not all thermal units were generating power. We were able to stock more coal as the coal supply increased in November and we received not less than 450 rakes against the normal of 320 rakes. Coal stocks will help when the demand increases in the coming months,” said the official.

“After several letters to the Union Power Ministry, coal supplies increased from the first week of November and by the end of that month, more than 452 rail rakes had brought coal to Mettur, North Chennai and Tuticorin,” said the official.

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“On a daily basis, we received not less than 20 rakes, against the less than 15 rakes in the previous months. It is after seven years that we have received so much coal in a single month. This has helped in increasing the coal stock in all TANGEDCO thermal units,” said the official.

As of December end, TANGEDCO thermal units have an average coal stock for more than 10 days.

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