TN DGP flags Hyd incident, orders swift action to help women in distress

In a circular to officers, TN DGP J K Tripathy advised them to take measures to ensure speedy action and rescue women in distress. Photo: PTI File.

Flagging the recent rape and murder of a woman veterinarian in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu DGP J K Tripathy said on Wednesday (December 4) swift action must be taken by
police personnel on distress calls from women, children, senior citizens and the differently-abled.

Non-compliance will invite stern action, the top police official said. The DGP said the Hyderabad incident reminded the police department of the need for a robust infrastructure to quickly respond and take action on distress calls.

In a circular to officers including police commissioners, superintendents, he advised them to take measures to ensure speedy action and rescue women in distress.


Tripathi said the officers should create awareness among personnel working under them to immediately take action on phone calls, SMS, or information seeking help.

“Police personnel must take action without any delay by going beyond factors like jurisdiction and surmounting practical difficulties,” he told senior officials.

In every case of distress to women, police personnel should act swiftly and efficiently, he said, adding those who do not act “with professionalism and responsibility will have
to face serious consequences.”

The police personnel concerned should immediately rush to the crime scene and not waste time in ascertaining the veracity of the complaint, he noted.

The personnel must also inform their higher authorities and take steps for coordination as well to safely rescue those in distress.

To check violence against women, the Tamil Nadu police department has already created “Kavalan (policeman who protects) mobile phone app,” and sustained measures must be
taken to popularise it.

Awareness should be created about the mobile application among the general public and especially women, children, differently-abled and senior citizens.

Also, all police personnel should be sensitised about the app and this must be publicised in places where people congregate in large numbers.

People must be encouraged to download the app and use it during any emergency, he said.

Sensitising people and other stakeholders including women about the app is not a “one time measure, and rather this must be a continuous process..and senior officers may hold
review periodically and render advice,” he said.

A report should be sent on action taken before January 10, he said.

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