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The Twitter account of Chennai Metro Water The account has got 600 followers within hours of its opening. Photo: Pixabay

Now, Chennaites can tweet their water woes to Metro Water

In an attempt to keep in touch with people and their water-related woes, the Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) opened its official Twitter account named Chennai Metro Water on Monday (July 15).

The board will now tweet from the handle @CHN_Metro_Water. The account has got 600 followers within hours of its opening. Many welcomed the initiative, at a time when the city is reeling under unprecedented water crisis.

In its first tweet the board stated that its Twitter page was opened to stay in touch with residents of Chennai regarding their day-to-day operations, hear their grievances and try to address them. “To keep in touch with us regarding our day to day operations, to convey grievances and get quick resolutions to problems, talk to us here,” the post in Tamil read.

In a later post, the board along with pictures shared details about water carried from Jolarpet. It said, “10MLD water carried through Jolarpet is being supplied to the people via Kilpauk water treatment station.”

The board through its Twitter account also urged residents to follow its official Facebook page. The Facebook page created in September 2018, has been a dormant account so far.

When The Federal contacted the board about this initiative, concerned officials expressed their ignorance about any such social media activity.

The social media team of the board, however, replied when contacted on Twitter. “Managing director and executive director of Chennai Metro Water Board are behind this initiative. There is a separate team specifically appointed for this. The board wants to update the public about what’s happening and wants to constantly in touch with the people of Chennai. That’s the prime reason,” the reply stated.

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