No scope for coalition govt in Tamil Nadu, people won’t accept it: AIADMK

There is no room for talks on a coalition government in Tamil Nadu, senior AIADMK leader said, scuttling BJP's plans to ride to power in the state

The ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu on Sunday ruled out any scope for talks on a coalition form of government in the state after the 2021 assembly elections and said such a formula will be rejected by the people.

The AIADMK, according to senior party leader and state fisheries minister D Jayakumar, will storm to power again on its own with absolute majority in the polls due early next year.

“There is no room for talks on a coalition government in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK will get a decisive mandate in the 2021 assembly elections and return to power,” the minister told reporters here, in an apparent reference to ally BJP’s political ambitions in the state.

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“People have decided to ensure an absolute majority for our party in the 2021 elections. We will script history,” Jayakumar added.

Earlier in the day, BJP state president L Murugan said his party would determine the next government formation.

“The assembly election is just four months away from now. The BJP will emerge as an unshakable force in the 2021 assembly elections. Whom the party picks can be the chief minister. We will determine the next government formation in Tamil Nadu,” Murugan said.