31 of 32 DMK ministers crorepatis, Ranipet Gandhi richest of them all

88 per cent or 28 of the 32 ministers who have been sworn in have criminal cases against them

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As Tamil Nadu MLAs are being sworn in and ministers are settling in, the richest minister in the state as per the affidavit submitted while filing their nomination is Ranipet Gandhi. He has declared a total assets of ₹47.94 crore. The minister who has the lowest worth of assets is Mano T Thangaraj elected from Padmanabhapuram constituency. He has declared that he has assets worth only ₹23.39 lakh.

As per the analysis done by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), affidavits of two ministers were unclear incomplete.

Out of the 32 ministers sworn in, 88 per cent or 28 of them have declared to have criminal cases against them and 97 per cent or 31 of them are crorepatis. Sixteen or 50 per cent of the ministers have declared serious criminal cases against them. The average value of assets of 32 ministers is ₹11.71 crore.

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Ranipet Gandhi does not only have the maximum worth of assets, his liabilities are ₹14.46 crore, and the highest among the ministers.

Twenty eight or 72 per cent of the ministers are educated up to graduation or above. But nine ministers have declared that they have not gone to colleges and their education is only between 8th and 12th standard.

Majority of the ministers are between 51 and 80 years and one minister alone is 83-years-old. Twenty-seven ministers are above 50 years and four ministers are between 25 and 50 years.