Tharoor participated in the rally which was organized by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Saturday (December 21).

Tharoor joins ‘azaadi’ chanting in Kozhikode anti-CAA rally

In a protest rally organized by the Congress against Citizenship Amendment Act in Kerala, Shashi Tharoor joined a group of students fervently chanting a song about ‘azaadi’ (freedom).

In a tweet from the event, Tharoor hailed the law student leading the chanting, Manu Arjun as ‘Kerala’s own Kanhaiya Kumar.’ In the video, Tharoor was seen repeating ‘azaadi’ along with the other students in a catchy tune about ‘azaadi.’ Tharoor was seen clapping his hands to the tune and except Tharoor, other participants could be seen sporting headbands of various colours with ‘Withdraw CAA’ written on them.

The Sahitya Akademi award-winning author, in another tweet, also said that BJP agenda must be resisted. He added, “The people are aware of the dangers the government’s present course pose to Indian democracy, constitutional values & civilizational ethos.”

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The beginning of the rally was marked by significant trouble as the Congress leader’s tweet on Friday (December 20) appealing to people to join the protest had an inaccurate representation of India map. It showed Indian territory without Jammu and Kashmir for which he was trolled in Twitter.

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Later, Tharoor removed his tweet and put a new tweet, which he said was a replacement for the earlier one. He said that the map was only a representation for the people of India and not the territory. He also slammed the BJP trolls and said did not want to encourage them more.

The rally was organized by Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Registry of Citizens. Protest rallies are being held in various states against the contentious legislation which aims to provide citizenship to religiously persecuted non-Muslim minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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