Innerwear of HC judges saffron: PFI leader’s controversial remark amid slogan row
BCI's criticism of Justice Muhamed Mustaque of Kerala high court over legal education divides the legal fraternity. File photo

'Innerwear of HC judges saffron': PFI leader’s controversial remark amid slogan row

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Soon after communally-charged slogans raised by a 11-year-old boy at a recent protest rally by Popular Front of India (PFI) in Kerala’s Alappuzha prompted the Kerala High Court to order immediate action into the incident, the outfit’s leader on Saturday (May 28) created another controversy by commenting that the judges of the high court were shocked by such slogans because their “innerwear was saffron”.

“Courts are getting shocked easily now. High court judges are getting shocked after hearing the slogans of our Alappuzha. Do you know the reason? The reason is that their innerwear is saffron. Since it’s saffron, they will get heated very fast. You will feel the burn and it will disturb you,” Yahiya Tangal said.

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In a video that has gone viral on social media, an 11-year-old boy is seen spouting incendiary slogans against Hindus and Christians, asking them to live decently “in our land” or be ready for their last rites.

“Hindus should keep rice for their last rites and Christians should keep incense for their last rites. If you live decently, you can live in our land and if you don’t live decently, we know Azadi. Live decently, decently, decently,” thus went the slogan.

While police arrested 18 people in connection with the case on Friday, the father of the boy was arrested on Saturday.

The boy’s father told police that the former learned the slogans during the anti-CAA and anti-NRC protests and have raised it during several rallies. He clarified that the slogans were not against any Hindus or Christians, but were directed against the Sangh Parivar.

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The arrests came after the Kerala High Court ordered the police to take appropriate actions against members of PFI involved in the sloganeering incident during the Alappuzha rally on May 21.

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