Duty over marriage: Cop-medico couple gets its priorities right

Duty over marriage: Cop-medico couple gets its priorities right

Dr Arya is busy checking patients at a government health centre in Kanyakulangara in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala. Meanwhile, M Prasad is engaged in ensuring the smooth passage of the lockdown in the capital city.

Amid their onerous duties, their wedding did not seem to be the top priority for the 25-year-old doctor and the 32-year-old policeman. Despite objections from both the families, the duo postponed its wedding that was scheduled to be held early this month.

The families had tried to persuade Arya and Prasad into conducting the marriage on a small scale with fewer guests. But finally they had to adhere to the pressure of the bride and groom. “We cannot give importance to our personal matters always. We took the right decision,” says Prasad, who is also involved in the distribution of food packets to the needy.

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“A majority of those who seek treatment at government hospitals are ordinary people like us. So I thought we should not forget our commitment to the society at this crucial time,” Arya says.

Recently, Deepti, a nurse, tied the knot with Sudeep, a private bank employee, in Manjeri of the Malappuram district. The bride had taken only a day’s leave for her wedding.

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