Woman seen with Jarkiholi in sex tape missing, alleges father

The woman’s father in a complaint has alleged that she has been kidnapped the day the sex CD released in media and has been held captive

Ramesh Jarkiholi and the BJP-led government are under fire by the Opposition, after the victim in the alleged sex-for-job scandal has accused Jarikholi of tampering with evidence in collusion with the SIT and pleaded for protection

The woman who featured in a sex CD with former Karnataka minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, has been missing since March 2, her father told police in a complaint.

Jarkiholi resigned as the Karnataka Water Resources Minister on March 3 after the CD started circulating on news channels.

In his complaint filed with APMC Yard police in Belagavi on Tuesday, the woman’s father has alleged that she has been kidnapped and is being held captive in a secret location. He said the family has been unable to find her since March 2, the day the sex tape was played by TV channels. She was last seen in her PG accommodation in Bengaluru.

Asserting that his daughter has “been forced into filming fake indecent videos,” the woman’s father told the police that she had told them a day before she disappeared that her images have been morphed to make the CD and that she will switch off her phone and be away for some time.


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According to Indian Express, police suspect the role of an organised group behind the production of the video CD, its release to the media and alleged efforts to blackmail Jarkiholi and have been looking for the woman and two of her associates.

“We have pasted notices for her to appear and provide her statement by assuring all protection. An email has been sent to her address. There has been no response whatsoever from her so far,” IE quoted a senior Bengaluru police officer as saying.

Jarkiholi who resigned on March 4 had filed a complaint with the police alleging that he was being blackmailed by a gang for money and that the gang released the CD to the media when he did not yield.

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