Fearing for her life, alleged sex-tape victim approaches Chief Justice for protection

The sex-take scandal victim has now written to Karnataka Chief Justice that Jarkiholi, an influential person has “criminal antecedents” and "may kill" her at any place or at any point

Ramesh Jarkiholi and the BJP-led government are under fire by the Opposition, after the victim in the alleged sex-for-job scandal has accused Jarikholi of tampering with evidence in collusion with the SIT and pleaded for protection

The woman in the alleged sex-tape scandal that is currently roiling Karnataka politics, has now written to the Karnataka Chief Justice, requesting him to personally monitor the investigation. She has also asked him to direct the state to give her protection since BJP MLA Ramesh Jarkiholi, who she has accused of allegedly sexually exploiting her after promising her a government job, “may kill” her “at any place or at any point…”

The alleged sex-for-jobs CD case, which has led to the resignation of Jarkiholi, Water Resources Minister, continues to be in the public eye, for one reason or the other. At first, a police complaint against the minister was filed by a third person, Dinesh Kallahalli, a social activist, who withdrew after he was reportedly traumatised by allegations of extortion being levelled against him.

He was also apparently disturbed that the image of the woman who was allegedly raped by the minister was being tarnished. Then the woman, who Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa claims that they are still “looking for”, has filed a complaint against the former minister by herself.

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On Monday, NDTV reported that the woman has now penned a three-page letter to the Karnataka Chief Justice, Abhay Shreeniwas Okato that being the “rape victim”, she had filed a complaint against Ramesh Jarkiholi, who is a “highly influential person” and had already threatened her in public that he would go to any extent to clear her charges against him.

Further, the woman wrote that she had asked for “special protection” for her parents and herself from the Special Investigation Team (SIT), after receiving threats from the former minister and his followers. But, until now the SIT has not given her any protection and she alleges that it is being done “in collusion with Jarkholi”.

Claiming that Jarkholi has “criminal antecedents”, she said that he “has already started destroying evidence…” and “ may kill me at any place or at any point…” she alleged.

The Opposition has jumped in to attack the ruling BJP on this brewing drama. Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah tweeted that it was “distressing and terrifying” that the CD victim had to write a letter to the High Court fearing for her life.

“Mr BS Yediyurappa… Is your government working in Karnataka?” he asked caustically. And, he added for good measure that the CM, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai and the whole government will be responsible if something happens to the victim.

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Siddaramaiah also referred to the fact that the victim was alleging that SIT, set up to probe the issue rocking the government, and Jarkholi were working together to destroy evidence and observed that this needs to be immediately looked into.

Chief Minister meanwhile has stuck to his stand that the case is being investigated and Jarkiholi had resigned taking moral responsibility. “What more do you want?” he asked. Jarkiholi, who was responsible for bringing down the Congress-Janata Dal government, was summoned by the SIT and questioned on Monday for the second time. Earlier, he was questioned on March 16 and his phone was taken for FSL analysis.