Caught on cam: Cong leaders call Karnataka chief corrupt, ‘drunkard’

Former MP VS Ugrappa and the Congress media coordinator Salim caught on camera whispering to each other shortly before addressing a presser

Salim (left) and former MP VS Ugrappa shortly before their press conference | Image:

BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya on Wednesday tweeted a video of two Karnataka Congress leaders talking about their state unit leader, DK Shivakumar, suggesting that he was corrupt and a “drunkard”.

Former MP VS Ugrappa and the Congress’ media coordinator Salim were caught on camera on Tuesday whispering to each other shortly before addressing a press conference.

“Former Congress MP VS Ugrappa and KPCC media coordinator Salim discuss how party President DK Shivakumar takes bribes… and a close aide of his has made between 50-100 crores… They are also discussing how he stutters while talking and as if he his drunk. Interesting,” Malviya wrote.


The Federal has not been able to independently verify the video.

Shivakumar has said he “doesn’t want to comment on this matter… the disciplinary committee will take strict action”.

Ugrappa said his colleague was making him aware of the allegations being levelled by the BJP against Shivakumar.

“I came to address a press conference yesterday… our media coordinator, Salim, whispered [to me] that some people were saying DK Shivakumar’s people were taking money… this is the allegation that the BJP is making, and he was just telling me this,” Ugrappa said.

“After the press conference I spoke with Salim… even now you [the media] can speak to him… he made it very clear it was not his allegation… it is the allegation made by BJP and others. He told me, ‘If you take questions from the media, better you should have information… that is why I told you.’”

However, the Congress’ Karnataka unit has expelled Salim from the party for six years.

Shivakumar was made Karnataka Congress chief in March 2020.

The two-minute video begins with Salim whispering to Ugrappa.

“It was 6-8 per cent. After DK [Shivakumar] came he made it 12 per cent. These are all some adjustments by DK… he is a scamster… his aide made around 50-100 crore. Imagine how much DK would have made… he is just a collection person,” Salim can be heard saying.

Ugrappa seems to respond: “You don’t know… we all were adamant to make him president [of the state unit]. But he is not taking off.”

The two then seem to discuss Shivakumar’s alleged speech impediment.

“Whenever DK talks, he stammers a lot, just like drunkards. He drinks?” Salim asks, to which the latter responds: “That’s what they were telling.”

“Media personnel were asking whether he was drunk… the way he talks is like that. When he talks, he speaks very emotionally,” Salim adds.

Shivakumar was made Karnataka Congress chief in March 2020.