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The Bengaluru police arrested the Rapido rider involved in the incident.

Karnataka: Rapido bike taxi rider booked for molesting passenger in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru Police apprehended a Rapido bike taxi rider on Saturday (July 22) following allegations from a woman named Athira.

She claimed that during the ride, the rider masturbated and sexually harassed her after dropping her off at her destination.

Athira narrated her distressing experience on Twitter, stating that she faced harassment after availing the services of a Rapido bike taxi on the previous day.

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Athira had participated in a protest at Town Hall, where numerous individuals had gathered to show support for survivors of violence in Manipur.

After the protest, she booked a Rapido bike to take her home in Electronic City.

However, the rider who arrived was using a different bike than the one registered with the Rapido mobile application, as mentioned in her tweet.

In her account, Athira described the journey taking a disturbing turn when they entered a remote area with no other vehicles around.

To her shock, the rider began riding the bike with one hand while engaging in inappropriate behavior, specifically, masturbating during the ride.

Fearful for her safety, she chose to remain silent throughout the distressing incident.

After being dropped off at her destination, Athira insisted that the ordeal did not end there.

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She alleged that the rider started sending her messages on WhatsApp, incessantly calling and messaging her. In response to the harassment, she had to take the step of blocking his number.

To share her experience and seek justice, Athira took a screenshot of the messages and posted her harrowing encounter on Twitter.

Following her Twitter post, the police responded by initiating an investigation into the matter.

Subsequently, the Rapido rider involved in the incident was arrested and booked according to police sources.

(With agency inputs)

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