Bidar court says no sedition in school play, grants bail to management staff

Nothing to show that the school has committed the offense of sedition, Court rules

Karnataka Police officers questioning students of a school in Bidar | Twitter

A district and sessions court in Bidar granted bail to the management staff of Shaheen Primary school who was charged with sedition in a case related to anti-CAA play. Besides, the court ruled that there was nothing to show that the school has committed the offense of sedition.

“What the children expressed was that they will have to leave the country if they do not produce the documents. There was nothing (no evidence) to show that the school has committed the offence of sedition,” the judge hearing the case observed while granting the bail.

Citing lack of material evidence for a case of sedition, the judge further noted that the dialogue in the play that was narrated on stage did not lead to hate or contempt towards the government.

The Court on February 14 granted bail to the school principal and mother of a student arrested in connection with the play.


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It was a satirical play in which a student says if someone came asking for her documents, she would hit them with a slipper. Following this act, another student sings ‘Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge’ song.

The Police charged the two with sedition after the private school children participated in a play on January 26 in which they were alleged to have made derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A person named Nilesh Rakshyal filed a complaint with police stating the play was disrespectful towards the PM and could disturb peace in society. Rakshyal had alleged that the play could send a wrong message about the government and its policies and decisions.

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While the Police registered FIR accordingly and seized the video that went viral two days later, in reality, the school children did not utter PM’s name anywhere, as seen in the video.

The arrest of the parent left the 11-year-old in a state of shock leaving the child in the hands of neighbours. A local activist who interviewed the kid last week said, all that the kid wished was her mother’s return.