Barbaric law, jungle raj in prevailing in AP: TDP chief Naidu

Barbaric law, jungle raj in prevailing in AP: TDP chief Naidu

After the TDP office in Gannavaram was set on fire and vandalized, former Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter to State Director General of Police (DGP) K.V. Rajendranath Reddy, accusing the state of being run as a ‘jungle raj’ and a barbaric law prevailing.

The ruling YSRCP, however, refuted the charges levelled by the TDP chief.

“In spite of several representations from TDP with regard to lawlessness in Andhra Pradesh, there appears to be no action which in turn is resulting in further deterioration of law and order giving genesis to barbaric law and jungle raj in the state,” Naidu wrote in the letter on Monday.

In this backdrop, Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Gannavaram MLA who defected to YSRCP from TDP, condemned these allegations and accused some sections of the media of intentionally propagating that his followers resorted to violence.

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According to TDP supremo Naidu, “YSRCP goons and henchmen” are given a free hand in Andhra Pradesh while police are allegedly silently watching those unruly activities.

Further, he observed that the opposition party leaders are being allegedly harassed by police for merely organising public meetings and political campaigns in a peaceful and democratic way.

The former chief minister alleged that Monday’s attack was another of the several assaults by the ruling party “henchmen”.

“The attackers vandalised the TDP office, destroyed computers, furniture and broke the glass panes. They continued ransacking… by pouring petrol on vehicles and setting them on fire,” he said.

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Naidu singled out the police for allegedly remaining mute spectators rather than reigning in the ruling party supporters.

“…it is strongly believed that police will file counter cases against TDP leaders and cadre under sections that attract more than seven years of imprisonment, while cases against YSRCP henchmen and goons will be filed in a mild manner that do not even attract jail term,” observed the TDP national president.

The principal opposition leader of the state noted that Donthu Chinna, a backward classes leader from TDP, is allegedly facing threats to his life from the ruling party activists.

“The government will be held responsible if anything happens to Donthu Chinna, a BC leader,” warned Naidu.

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Meanwhile, a police official from Gannavaram disagreed with Naidu’s accusation, saying that the police are working as per the law.

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