Democracy not in danger, dynasty politics is: Shah targets Rahul in UP

Amit Shah,
Union Home Minister Amit Shah in a file photo

Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his recent remarks in the UK, Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said that its not democracy that is in danger, but “your family” and the idea of dynasty politics that is under threat.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating the Kaushambi Mahotsav, Shah accused the Congress of surrounding Indian democracy with three “naasuron” (ulcerous wounds) casteism, dynasty politics and appeasement. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi defeated all three and hence “you are afraid,” he added.

“They say democracy is in danger, brother democracy is not in danger, your family is in danger. It is not the idea of India, which is in danger, it is the idea of dynasty, your politics of parivarvad (dynasty), which is in danger. It is not the democracy of India, but the autocracy of your family, which is in danger,” the senior BJP leader said.

During a visit to the UK last month, Gandhi alleged the structures of Indian democracy were under “brutal attack” and a full-scale assault on the countrys institutions was underway. His remarks triggered a war of words between the BJP and the Congress. The BJP accused Gandhi of “insulting” the country on foreign soil and demanded an apology, but the Congress leader said his position that Indias democracy was under attack “was known” to all.

Shah also hit out at the Congress party for allegedly not allowing Parliament to function.

“Yesterday, the Parliament was adjourned. In the history of independent India, it has never happened that the Budget Session ended without a sitting and discussion… What was the reason? Rahul Gandhi was disqualified as Lok Sabha MP,” the Union minister said.

On March 18, a Surat court sentenced Gandhi for two years in jail in a criminal defamation case filed over his remark against people with the surname “Modi”, but allowed him 30 days to appeal in a higher court. A day later, the Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a notification suspending his Lok Sabha membership.

The Congress accused the BJP of indulging in “vindictive politics” but the ruling party said it was the law.

On Friday, addressing the gathering in Kaushambi, Shah asked, “Who brought the law?” He also said Gandhi was not the only leader whose membership has “gone” after sentencing by a court. “So far, the membership of 17 MLAs-MPs has gone, including that of Rahul Gandhi.” The Union minister asked Gandhi to “follow the law “and secure acquittal from a higher court.

“Friends, I wish to tell Rahul Gandhi he should follow the law, which is the dharma of every citizen. You were an MP. You could have challenged the punishment and fought in court. You have sacrificed the time of Parliament. The people of this country will never forgive you,” Shah said.

Exhorting the people to vote for BJP again in 2024 general election, Shah also slammed the Congress, SP and the BSP for allegedly delaying the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

“All of us wanted Ram Temple in Ayodhya to be built at the birthplace of Lord Ram. The Congress kept it (the issue) hanging, the SP diverted it, and the BSP lingered it. Modi ji laid the foundation stone of the temple, and soon you will see Lord Ram seated in his temple,” Shah said.

He also said that Uttar Pradesh was moving ahead on the path of development under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

In 2014, the people of UP reposed their faith in PM Modi. “In 2017, when I was the BJP chief, the BJP won a record number of 325 seats (in UP) and Modi ji made Yogi ji chief minister. In 2019, the SP, BSP and the Congress got united, but all of them were defeated, and Modi ji once again became the prime minister. After this, in 2022 (UP assembly elections) you made Yogi ji the chief minister again,” Shah said.

“Modi ji has made the country prosperous and enhanced the pride of the country. And the Congress people say Modi teri kabra khudegi (Modi your grave will be dug). I want to tell these Congress people that whether it is Sonia ji, Rahul ji or anybody else, whenever abuses are hurled at Modi ji, the public has made the lotus bloom in the mud of these abuses in a strong manner,” Shah asserted.

“Rahul Baba, this time again Modi jis government is going to be formed with 300-paar (over 300 Lok Sabha seats),” he claimed.

Meanwhile, SP MLA from Sirathu constituency in Kaushambi district Pallavi Patel claimed she was put under house arrest at her party office and not allowed to welcome the home minister. However, Additional Superintendent of Police Samar Bahadur dismissed Patels claims.

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