Mans body, wrist cut off, found tied to police barricade at Singhu protest site

Man's body, wrist cut off, found tied to police barricade at Singhu protest site

A man was found murdered at the farmers’ protest site on the Singhu border on Friday morning (October 15). The body was found tied to an overturned police barricade and his wrist was chopped off.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Hansraj said the body was found by 5 am. There is no information on who was responsible for the murder but the police are probing the role of some men, reportedly Nihang Sikhs, who are suspects. An FIR has been lodged. Immediately after, a video was in circulation showing a group of people attacking the victim, apparently for disrespecting the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs. The police said all aspects, including the video, was being looked into.

There is no official confirmation on the involvement of Nihang Sikhs.

The video sparked outrage as it showed some people standing on the profusely bleeding victim. His wrists had already been cut off and his eyes were rolling over in deep pain and anguish. The men wielding spears, surrounded the body and sought to know the victims name and native village.

In another video, the man’s body is tied upside down with a rope, his dripping blood forming a scarlet pool on the ground.

The Sonipat police cut off the rope and took the man to the Civil Hospital. It was not known if he was taken dead to the hospital. The Samyukt Kisan Morcha will meet today to discuss the incident and will issue a statement.

The farmers have been protesting against the new farm laws at the Singhu border for over a year now.

Last year, a group of Nihangs were in the news for cutting off the wrist of an assistant sub-inspector with a sword after the officer asked them for a ‘movement pass’ during COVID-19 shutdown. The officer, Harjeet Singh, recovered after a surgery and prolonged treatment and was promoted since.

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