5-year-old falls into 50-feet deep borewell in Karnal, dead

5-year-old falls into 50-feet deep borewell in Karnal, dead

In another shocking incident, a 5-year-old girl who fell into a 50-feet-deep borewell in Harsinghpura village in Haryana’s Karnal district, died on Monday (November 4).

However, rescue operations were on to pull her out. According to police, while playing in the fields on Sunday (November 3) in Gharaunda area, she fell into the borewell belonging to her family. On realising that she was missing, the family launched search operations and found that she had fallen into the borewell.

The family informed the police officials, who called the district administration and initiated the rescue operation. Later, the NDRF was also informed, the official added.

“Oxygen was being supplied inside the borewell and the rescuers used a camera to check on the child through which they saw her foot. An audio recording of her parents voice was also played to give her a sense of security,” the police said.

Earlier in July, two-year-old Fatehvir Singh, was pulled out dead from a 150-foot deep borewell shaft in Punjab’s Sangrur district after an unsuccessful rescue operation which lasted over four days.

In March, an 18-month old boy was rescued from a borewell in Haryana’s Hisar district, two days after he had fallen into it. In 2006, a massive operation was launched to rescue five-year-old Prince, who had fallen into a borewell in a village in Kurukshetra. He was pulled out safely nearly 48 hours later.

(With inputs from agencies)

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