Sneha Chaurasia, Shiv Nadar University, shooting, Greater Noida
Sneha Chaurasia was doing her third year BSc in sociology and about to graduate next month

Shiv Nadar University student shoots and kills classmate on campus

In a shocking incident, Sneha Chaurasia, (21 years), a third-year student of Shiv Nadar University, tragically lost her life when she was shot and killed by her classmate outside the dining hall of the college campus in Greater Noida on Thursday (May 18). The boy, Anuj Singh, who had killed her, later shot himself in the head at the boy’s hostel.

The police said they recovered a countrymade pistol from the spot. Singh died on the spot, while Sneha was brought dead to the Yatharth hospital in greater Noida. The bodies of the students have been sent for post-mortem examination.

Both Chaurasia and Singh were living on the campus in the girls’ and boys’ hostel. They were doing their third year BSc in sociology and about to graduate next month.The students were in a relationship for a long time but their relations had soured recently, said the police, according to news reports.

Meanwhile, Sneha’s father Raj Kumar Chaurasia told The Indian Express that he was informed by the university that his child had an accident. When he rushed from Kanpur and reached the college, he was informed about what had happened and the authorities told him that they will conduct an inquiry.

But, Chauraisa questioned the lack of security in the campus and how a boy was roaming around with a gun? The father further said that the university is supposed to protect its students and wanted to know how the boy managed to shoot the girl twice with so many guards around.

According to a university spokesperson, a committee has been formed to probe the incident and how the student came to possess a gun. The college also claims to be coordinating with the police probe as well.

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Video clip circulated

Further, news reports also quoting the police said that Anuj had purportedly sent a video clip to the university authorities and to some friends, in which he said that he was in a relationship with Sneha but they were no longer together.

In the 22-minute video, he allegedly said he was “broken inside” and “could not trust anyone”. And added that he was “diagnosed with third-stage brain cancer” but had not told his parents. Further, Anuj said that he was punishing the woman and sought the forgiveness of both their parents.

The police further told the media that though the university is on summer break since May 17 both students had stayed back on campus after obtaining special permission from the university.

The campus was largely empty, as all the students had left for the summer break and there were no eye-witnesses to the incident, said the police.

CCTV cameras captured the chilling incident

The shooting was captured by CCTV cameras in the dining hall.

Both students had met outside the glass-doored dining hall around 1pm on Thursday. In the CCTV footage, Chaurasia and Singh could be seen hugging and exchanging words. Singh had brought a parcel along to give to the girl, who allegedly refused to take it. After which, he shot her in the abdomen. She tried to fight him but he shot her again and she collapsed. Singh was then seen running towards the boys’ hostel.

The police are currently investigating where the student got the gun from and how he got the firearm inside the campus.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Shiv Nadar University said that they were deeply saddened and pained at the unfortunate loss of lives of two students of the university today.

“The matter is currently under investigation by the authorities, and we are closely monitoring the situation. All other residents of the campus are safe…Our deep and heartfelt condolences go out to the affected families and we are supporting them in every way possible at this difficult time.”

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