Delhi man infected by coronavirus came in contact with 813 people

According to officials, this number is the highest for any patient who has tested positive so far in Delhi

A man wears a protective mask in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: PTI

A resident of Delhi’s Janakpuri (46) who was infected by coronavirus came in contact with at least 813 people before being tested positive, according to the estimation done by health care professionals.

According to the officials, this number is the highest for any patient who has tested positive so far in Delhi.

These health professionals attempted to trace all the people the infected man could have come in contact with from the moment he landed at the airport to the time he was tested positive.

When the man landed at the Delhi airport, he was screened by a thermal sensor but did not show any change in body temperature. “He appeared to be normal and was carrying on with his work for a while until he developed fever,” one of his relatives said.


He came in contact with several people during the screening process and was travelling with six colleagues. However, his colleagues have tested negative for the virus, according to the relative.

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The man was also maintaining close contact with his wife and two children at his house. His family members have tested negative.

“The house where he lived has been locked up. Everyone is scared. We have already lost one member,” The Hindustan Times quoted another relative as saying.

The man also travelled to work from Janakpuri to Noida through the metro. The distance between his house and office was approximately 38.5 kms, with 25 stops in between. He worked at a firm that employed more than 700 people.

According to the data provided by the Directorate General of Health Services, out of the 813 people the man came in contact with, 40 people were from Delhi and 773 were from outside the city.

The infected man’s mother (68), who had also tested positive for the virus, died on Friday (March 13) night, taking the number of deaths in the country due to COVID-19 to two.

The data given by the health service also indicates that 14 people came in contact with the man’s mother.