Have left the final call to BJP: Nitish on chief ministership, Chirag

Have left the final call to BJP: Nitish on chief ministership, Chirag

Despite the BJP’s repeated assertion that Nitish Kumar will continue as the chief minister of Bihar, the latter has clarified that the final decision on chief ministership will be taken by the NDA.

Even though the ruling coalition won 125 seats in the 243-member state Assembly, the JD(U)’s was reduced to a junior partner when its seat count dropped to 43, from 71 in the 2015 polls. The BJP, on the other hand, has bagged 74 seats in the state Assembly.

Reports say there are murmurs in the BJP camp to re-decide on reinstating Kumar as the chief minister again.

Speaking to journalists in Patna on Thursday (November 12), Kumar said he has also left it on the BJP to decide on the fate of LJP, which is said to have diverted a majority of JD(U) votes.

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“It is up to the BJP to decide fate of those who cut votes,” Kumar said.

LJP chief Chirag Paswan who pulled out of the NDA just ahead of the polls, had repeatedly voiced his criticism for the JD(U) and appreciation for the BJP. He had even commented that he would form government an alliance with the BJP. The saffron party, had been quiet on the issue, triggering speculations of supporting Chirag.

Kumar’s disappointment over the JD(U)’s performance in the polls was apparent.

“I have been selflessly serving people. Still some people succeeded in creating some confusion. You must have noted the anxieties triggered in public mind following the projections of the exit polls,” he said.

While speaking to reporters, Kumar also clarified his earlier statement about the Assembly polls being his last.

“You did not get it right. I say the same thing at the last rally in every election – ant bhala to sab bhala (all is well that ends well),” he said.

“Listen to what I said before and after it and you will understand the context. Had you done so, you would have not misunderstood it,” he told reporters.

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In one of his last rallies before the polls, the chief minister had said it was his aakhri chunaav (last election), sparking speculations of an imminent retirement.

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