Raj Bhavan under surveillance: Bengal Governor’s startling claim

Dhankhar has often crossed swords with TMC government over a host of issues in the past one year

Jagdeep Dhankhar
West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar | File Photo: PTI

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has made a startling allegation.

A vocal critic of the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress government, Dhankhar said on Sunday (August 16) the Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the governor, has been placed under surveillance. He said the action “undermines the sanctity of the institution.”

Dhankhar also said that lawlessness is persisting in the state. “I would like to tell you all that the Raj Bhavan is under surveillance. It undermines the sanctity of the Raj Bhavan. I will do everything to protect its sanctity,” Dhankhar told a press conference.

The governor has often crossed swords with the Trinamool (TMC) government over a host of issues in the past one year. He often criticises the Banerjee dispensation on Twitter.


The TMC, in response, had once said his tweets show he is functioning as a “BJP agent” in the state. A TMC MLA had even gone to the extent of suggesting the governor to fight the upcoming state assembly elections on a BJP ticket.

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A day earlier, Dhankhar had tweeted that he was “startled and stunned” due to the chief minister and her government official’s absence from the Independence Day programme at the Raj Bhavan. “Their action not in sync with sanctity of occasion,” he said in one of the many tweets he posted in this regard.

“Absence of CM and officials @MamataOfficial on occasion of Independence Day celebration at Raj Bhawan has like many startled and stunned me. We need to rise to occasion as respect to freedom fighters who gave their all to secure for us freedom and democracy. I am at loss of words,” the governor said.

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Sharing a photo from the event, he said in another tweet, “The vacant seat meant for CM @MamataOfficial at celebration of Independence Day at Raj Bhawan speaks volumes – has created unwholesome situation that is not in sync with rich culture and ethos of WB. There is just no rationale for this unbecoming stance.”

Chief Minister Banerjee, however, made an ‘unscheduled visit’ to the Raj Bhavan earlier in the day, which she termed as a “courtesy call”. This was her first visit to the residence of the Governor since the lockdown began on March 25.

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