Not Kohli or Rohit, guess who intimidates bowler Amir the most

The 29-year-old bowler praised Kohli for handling pressure matches well and said it was easier bowling to Rohit among the two batsmen

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir

Indian skipper Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma may be an intimidating combo for bowlers, but not for Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir.

In an interactive session, Amir while showering praises on Kohli for his ability to handle pressure, said it was rather easy to bowl to Rohit Sharma compared to the former.

When asked who he considers the “most difficult” batsman of the era, Amir chose Australian cricketer Steve Smith.

“Steve Smith is the most difficult batsman to bowl against in this era because his technique is very different. His stance makes it difficult to bowl against him, he is good at leaving the ball outside the stump and is also strong off his pads,” NDTV quoted the 29-year-old as saying.


Lauding Kohli, the bowler said the Indian skipper has created a niche for himself in every format of the game.

“Kohli has proved in all formats is why he is known as King Kohli. He likes to revel in pressure situations, and I like bowling to him,” he said.

Drawing comparison between Rohit and Kohli, Amir said it is tough bowling to the latter as “Rohit struggles against the moving delivery early on in his innings”.

“I have never found it tough bowling to these two. I find it easy to bowl to Rohit, I think I can get him out with both variations. He struggles a bit against in-swing from left-arm bowlers and even with the ball going away from him, he finds it difficult to handle early on in his innings,” he said adding that Virat, on the other hand, handles pressure well and plays well in pressure matches.