No dagger insignia, Dhoni wears gloves without logo

Dhoni was seen without his gloves with the dagger insignia during India's match against Australia at The Oval in London on June 9. PTI photo

India’s veteran wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Sunday (June 9) decided to obey the ICC diktat as he removed the dagger insignia from his green keeping gloves during the World Cup game against Australia.

Dhoni wore the gloves with military dagger insignia against South Africa, which evoked mixed reactions, and the ICC requested the BCCI to ask the former skipper to get it removed as it amounts violation of sporting equipment regulations.

Dhoni wore green coloured gloves on Sunday but both the SG logo (manufacturers) and the dagger insignia were removed, saving BCCI from an embarrassing situation.

Though it couldn’t be verified if it was same gloves or a new pair.


However with people cutting across sections airing their views, the matter got complicated and it was learnt that the Indian team was behind their senior most player on the issue.

“You will see tomorrow,” was all Rohit Sharma said at the pre-match presser.

It was learnt that an influential former BCCI President, who doesn’t exactly share a cordial relationship with the Committee of Administrators, had asked him to go ahead as the maximum penalty would have been demerit points.

But CEO Rahul Johri on Saturday evening explained that after BCCI had agreed to pay heed to ICCs rules and regulations, it wouldn’t be nice to break it.

The rule states that no personal messages are allowed on apparel or sporting gears and even Chris Gayle wasn’t allowed to use Universe Boss Logo on his bat for same reason.