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Even though the exact details of the bets remain unclear, several betting firms reported these matches due to multiple abnormal bets were made.

2 Wimbledon matches under probe over betting allegations

Two Wimbledon matches are being investigated by the ITIA for potentially being match-fixed due to multiple observations of irregular betting patterns.

Investigations are underway into allegations of match fixing against at least two matches at Wimbledon 2021. The allegations were reportedly raised after irregular betting patterns were observed at these matches.

Die Welt, a German daily said that they had intel about ‘possible manipulations’ that might have occurred at the Grand Slam in a singles and a doubles match.

Even though the exact details of the bets remain unclear, several betting firms reported these matches after multiple and abnormal bets were made.

The first match under suspicion is a men’s doubles in the first round. The alarm was raised when high live bets were placed on the defeat of the favoured duo. The pair won the first set, and lost the remaining ones. The timing and the number of bets placed raised suspicions.

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The other match, the singles one, involved a German player and the suspicion was raised by the opponent. Apparently, it was said that a ‘five-digit’ sum was placed at the end of the second on the exact result. Special bets were placed on numerous service games as well. Both these bets were won.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), which are in charge of launching investigations into probable match-fixing scandals, told Welt that they are choosing to not comment on specific cases due to ‘operational reasons’ but have relevant information on those matches. ITIA cases aren’t public information until a complete investigation has been conducted.

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ITIA, in their latest report said they received 11 match alerts in total between April and June in 2021 through their confidential Memoranda of Understanding with the regulated betting industry. Nine of those 11 happened on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) circuit and the remaining two at Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) 250 events.

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