Chinas remote kissing device leaves netizens divided
The device is designed to allow couples in long-distance relationships to share virtual intimate moments

Buzz over China's remote 'kissing device'; netizens divided

According to state-run Global Times, a university in Chanzhou, China has developed a “kissing device” that has caused a buzz on Chinese social media.

The device is designed to allow couples in long-distance relationships to share virtual intimate moments, and it features pressure sensors and actuators that mimic the sensation of a real kiss. The device can even replicate the pressure, movement, and temperature of a user’s lips. Additionally, the device is equipped with “silicon lips.”

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Varied reactions

The “kissing device” has sparked a range of reactions on social media. While some users found it amusing, others criticized it as “vulgar and creepy,” expressing concerns about minors accessing it.

To use the device, users must download a mobile app and connect it to their phone’s charging port. They can then pair with their partner on the app, initiate a video call, and transmit the sensations of their kisses to each other using the device’s pressure sensors and actuators.

Inspiration for invention

Jiang Zhongli, the creator of the remote kissing device, revealed that the inspiration for his invention stemmed from his own long-distance relationship, during which he and his girlfriend were only able to communicate through phone calls.

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CNN reported that back in 2016, the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia had released a similar device called “Kissinger,” which took the form of a touch-sensitive silicon pad.

The Global Times article also notes that the device allows users to connect with strangers and share kisses, and users can even upload their kisses to the app for others to download. The “kissing device” is currently priced at 288 yuan (approximately ₹3,433).

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