Jaffna Library: Recollecting memories of the past

Jaffna Public Library: Recollecting memories from the past

The Jaffna Public Library (JPL) is a symbol of cultural identity. Sundar Ganesan, Director of the Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai, recollects his visit to the (JPL) during ‘peace time’ and tells us about its history and importance. In conversation with Madhu Balaji of The Federal, the veteran librarian says how ‘Central Free Tamil Library’ was formed in Jaffna. He also elaborates on the damage caused to it due to the ethnic conflict. There has been an irreversible loss due to fire in 1981 and the government reconstructed the library subsequently. The JPL has also taken the digital turn by launching a website and pooling in resources to ramp up the online collection.

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