Why was a Dubai-based gangster chasing wrestler Sushil Kumar?

Kala Jethadi, based in Dubai, was angry after his aide was badly beaten up by Sushil. The decorated wrestler was trying to seek ‘forgiveness’ of the don as he evaded cops

Sushil Kumar (foreground, wrapped in a yellow towel) allegedly got the entire episode of the fight with Dhankad and others filmed. PTI Photo

A Dubai link has emerged following the arrest of disgraced Olympic wrestler Sushil Kumar in north-west Delhi on Sunday (May 23). Media reports said Kumar was not only trying to evade the police, who were looking for him following a court order over the alleged murder of a wrestler, Sagar Dhankad, earlier this month. But, he was also trying to escape Sandeep alias Kala Jathedi who is believed to be in Dubai.

Reports said Sushil Kumar was using a dongle for internet on his phone – despite warnings by his friends that it could reveal his location. Kumar, said sources, had been trying to contact Kala Jathedi to “forgive him” for thrashing Sonu, Jathedi’s nephew. The Dubai-based don loved him as his son.

Sonu is an accused in at least 19 criminal cases. So, Kumar was trying to contact Jathedi, without success, to ask for his “forgiveness,” Delhi Police sources told media.

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Media reports also said that Jathedi, in association with Sushil, was allegedly involved in land-grabbing and occupying disputed properties in Delhi. They had reportedly taken a property in Medel Town, near Chhatrasal Stadium in north-west Delhi where the wrestlers practiced. This property was allegedly being used to shelter many wanted criminals.

Reports said Jathedi and Sushil Kumar fell out with each other over the distribution of extortion mondy and for some months Sushil was seen in the company of Jathedi’s “enemies.”

Things came to a head when Sushil Kumar challenged Jathedi’s supremacy over vacating the Model Town flat and the distribution of the sale proceeds. It is said that Sushil got the entire episode of the fight with Dhankad and others filmed to send a message that other criminals should not mess with him.

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The disgraced Olympian has allegedly been in the cross-hairs of the Jathedi’s men ever since Dhankad’s death. Sushil won a bronze at the Asian Games, and then finished on the podium at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The wrestler had won the silver at the 2012 London Olympics as well.