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Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu had left for Hyderabad on Monday on a three-day visit but he cut it short and returned to Delhi on Tuesday

Venkaiah Naidu breaks down denouncing ruckus in Rajya Sabha

The chaos in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday evoked a strong reaction from House Chairman Venkaiah Naidu, who broke down on Wednesday (August 11) while reading a statement condemning what he called “loss of sacredness” of the “temple of democracy”.

Members of opposition parties created ruckus in the House on Tuesday, waving black flags and threw files during a discussion on three farm laws. Some members even climbed the table at the centre of the Rajya Sabha. They sat on tables for hours.

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Naidu said that parliament is a temple of democracy and the centre of the house a sanctum sanctorum. “I am distressed by the way the sacredness was destroyed yesterday. When some members sat on the table, some members climbed on the table of the house, perhaps to be more visible with such acts of sacrilege,” he said.

Naidu choked up with emotions as he said, “I have no words to convey my anguish and to condemn such acts as I spent a sleepless night…last night.” He spoke again after a pause, “I struggle to find out the reason or provocation for forcing this august house to hit such a low yesterday.”

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