Two film-makers detained for taking selfies in front of RSS headquarters in Nagpur

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asked the volunteers to inculcate the values and qualities of Lord Hanuman

A simple curiosity to take selfies in front of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) headquarters landed two Bengaluru-based film-makers in trouble on March 5.

The film-makers, identified as Niki Nirvikalpa and Falah Faizhal, who were invited as jury members at the Raipur International Film Festival, had been to Nagpur for a few hours before leaving.

As they had time to spare, they decided to tour the RSS headquarters and take selfies in front of the structure. However, the local police mistook them and took them in police detention.

“Since we were in town (Nagpur) and had a few hours to kill, we decided to move around the city. When we saw the RSS headquarters and since this was the first time, we were even seeing it, we decided to halt by and take pictures,” The Wire quoted Nirvikalpa as saying.


After illegal police detention and a flurry of interrogation for nearly 24 hours, the duo was released. The film-maker claimed that though they were detained and released later, their mobile phones were accessed by the police.

Over 30 policemen, some from the state Anti-Terrorism Squad, and intelligence bureau also questioned them, Niki added.

Taken aback by the incident, The Wire quoted the film-maker as saying, “Who could have imagined such a police reaction?” It is to be noted that, after an alleged terror attack attempt in 2006, the RSS headquarters has been categorised as a ‘highly sensitive area’ and filming is restricted here.